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CBA Mission Center Youth Enrichment Program now Enrolling for the 2017-2018 School Year


Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland

A CBA Mission Center Outreach Progra

As an ongoing aspect of our mission program efforts, the Cleveland Baptist Association’s (CBA) executive minister, board and Justice for Children dream team had been praying about launching a long-term mission to address the needs of impoverished children in the Cleveland vicinity. Because CBA’s offices are located on the Fairhill Partners campus, it was natural to reach out to the leadership of Fairhill Partners. Fairhill Partners is a social purpose campus that connects people to opportunities for lifelong learning, intergenerational relationships, and successful aging. At Fairhill, caregivers and families find support, educational programs, civic /social engagement, and help finding short-term emergency housing. CBA began to wonder what it might look like if the two organizations partnered together to deliver an after school learning environment. Through those musings, the efforts of the board and members of CBA and the CBA commitment to Justice for Children, the vision for the Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland was birthed.

Link to Youth Enrichment Program Enrollment Form

What is the Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland?

A brand new start up venture focused on providing an after school wholistic learning environment. The initial target group are 1st through 3rd grade students attending Cleveland public schools. The Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland partners with churches, community leaders, schools, and social service agencies to deliver an after school program providing academic enrichment, art appreciation, physical education, etc.

⦁ Targeted for launch at the beginning of the 2017 fall school semester ⦁ The goal is to have students participate in Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland throughout their primary and into their secondary education. ⦁ Students in the Cleveland public school system are the primary target audience.

What are the Plans for Program Content? ⦁ Daily Monday – Friday After School Programming ⦁ Tutoring in Reading/Mathematics ⦁ Homework Help ⦁ Exercise in safe supervised area ⦁ Weekly Academic Support/Enrichment ⦁ Art Appreciation ⦁ Performing Arts Music/Drama/Dance ⦁ Graphic Arts ⦁ Art Therapy ⦁ Programs as Scheduled ⦁ Talent Demonstrations ⦁ Recitals ⦁ End of Academic Year Measurable Academic Goal ⦁ Improved academic performance ⦁ Enhanced social skills ⦁ Progress toward reading at or above grade level

Are there other elements to the Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland? ⦁ Addressing Immediate Personal Needs ⦁ Daily Nutrition (a hot meal utilizing on site kitchen facilities) ⦁ Back packs—Each participant will begin the school year with the supplies needed for that academic year ⦁ A library where children can check out child appropriate books to enhance reading appreciation and skills ⦁ Weekend Grocery Supplies, partnering with an on-site Food pantry so children’s parents can purchase food for the family at a significantly reduced price ⦁ Recreation/Social Skills developing affirming supportive communication skills equipping children with words that provide positive feedback ⦁ Parent Engagement ⦁ Parenting Programming ⦁ Monthly learning experiences for parents ⦁ Parental Assistance so they can help with homework, ⦁ Parental Rap Session sharing with other parents, learning together How will the Academy be structured? ⦁ A combination of Skilled Professional Volunteers ⦁ Active and Retired Educators ⦁ Nurses ⦁ Social Workers ⦁ Counselor Volunteers ⦁ Administrative program director ⦁ Logistical Support ⦁ Preparing Serving daily meals ⦁ Classroom set up and clean up ⦁ Caring Adult/Young Adult Volunteers ⦁ Focus on Developing Intergenerational relationships ⦁ Mentors ⦁ mentor training program to engage with the students long term ⦁ Logistical support ⦁ Preparing and serving a hot meal daily ⦁ Classroom set up and clean up ⦁ Teaching and recreation assistants ⦁ Board of managers will be hands on ⦁ Functioning from guidelines that are measureable, achievable and fundable. ⦁ Program Director staff What relationships will be required? ⦁ Relationships with Schools, CBA Churches, community social service agencies, the larger ABC body

Anticipated Start Date 2017-2018 Academic Year

Interested in Learning More?

For more information about the Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland contact Yvonne Carter.

carteryvonne@cbacleveland.org 216-325-7730


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