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Discipleship Matters

The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting is "Discipleship Matters" because authentic Christian discipleship matters to God and it matters to the people and the communities we serve. To follow Christ as His disciples means to do what Jesus did, and to do "even greater works" (John 14:12, NIV).

As a community of Christian disciples, the leaders and congregants of CBA churches have a definitive biblical mandate to practice acts of love, charity, and justice toward each other and toward persons in our communities and society who are like us and those who are not. Through collaborative missional outreach, our CBA churches have the opportunity to fulfill the justice agenda of Jesus, that Jesus announced during his inaugural sermon in Luke 4:18-20, which is to "proclaim good news to the poor . . . to proclaim freedom for the prisoners . . . recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free . . ." and to show through acts of love toward our neighbors a reflection of our genuine love for God.

A major emphasis of our Vision 2020 initiative has been to make strides toward fulfilling this justice agenda. Our Justice for Children initiative is one such effort. Through the work of the Justice for Children Dream Team, the Youth Enrichment after school program was developed.

Launched as The Youth Enrichment Program of Greater Cleveland, we strive to partner with churches, community leaders, schools, and social service agencies to deliver a tuition-free after school program providing daily nutrition, academic enrichment, art appreciation, physical education, recreation, and character and social skills development for children who might not have access to these opportunities for a variety of reasons.

The program has been in operation since October, 2017 and has experienced rapid growth. The Program currently serves 25 students from first through fourth grade from throughout the Greater Cleveland area. We operate with four part-time staff and 15 committed program volunteers and teacher/tutors. In order to continue to operate and grow, we need your help! Not only do we need donations to keep the program running, we need a host of additional volunteers, such as teaching and classroom assistants; activity and recreation assistants; cafeteria and meal service assistants; mentors and overall program assistance.

There is something you can do! Please help us help these children to grow and become all that God intends them to be! Your Christian discipleship matters and will make a difference for these children and for the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Master Disciple-maker!

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