• Rev. Ronald Maxwell

October Giving Month

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to share with you why the Affinity Congregation and I are joyful financial supporters of the Cleveland Baptist Association, and to encourage you to join us in supporting CBA through the Association’s October Missions Giving Campaign entitled "Reach Deeper.” Whenever I ask our Congregation to support a missions’ organization, the first question I always get is simply, “Why?” That question is always easy to answer when it comes to the CBA. Each gift to the Cleveland Baptist Association is an investment in the Greater Cleveland Community by empowering CBA Mission Center Programs such as:

• The Quarterly Training Institutes providing opportunities for continuing education, worship and fellowship with other member churches;

• The Youth Enrichment After School Program serving children in first through third grades from under-served families and school systems;

• The Ohio Leadership Academy providing a three-year intensive theological training program for clergy and lay leaders from CBA congregations; and

• The By-Annual Urban Ministry Conference bringing nationally renowned preachers, speakers and activist to the Cleveland area to equip our congregations for ministry in the 21st Century.

During the month of October, we are reaching out to ask three things of our CBA congregations:

1) Make a giving pledge that increases your Congregation’s 2019 overall missions giving by any percent over your 2018 giving.

2) Take a special offering during the coming weeks that supports the CBA Mission Center Programs mentioned above. This offering would be designated as “CBA Specifics” on your giving sheet or envelope.

3) Finally, we are asking each member of a CBA Congregation to consider becoming an individual monthly contributor to the work of CBA by clicking on the give button on this site and following the prompts.

Join us in investing in the Greater Cleveland Community by investing in the Cleveland Baptist Association. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

In Christ,

Ronald E. Maxwell, Senior Pastor

Affinity Missionary Baptist Church


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