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In Loving Memory of Rep. John Lewis

We dedicate this edition of our newsletter to the remarkable life of Rep. John Lewis, a titan of the nonviolent movement in America. Lewis was a devoted Christian and courageous fighter for liberty and justice for all. The work he did was a reflection of his faith, focus and values. 

With the passing of Joseph Lowery and C.T. Vivian this year, we are confronted with a  “changing of the guard.” Today, there are new challenges, new threats to justice, and deeper divides along racial, economic and political lines. Yet, we do not lose hope. New movements led by young people who are as passionate as Rep. Lewis was when he walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge are gaining momentum every day.  It reminds us that every movement must evolve and that God is continuously raising new generations of prophets as agents of change.  Our fight for justice is an ascending trellis. We must consistently build upon the work of those who have come before and let their legacies guide us. 

There are so many who have paved the way for us who did not live to see their dreams fully realized.  Fortunately, as an advocate, policymaker and proclaimer of truth, Rep. Lewis had the opportunity to see many of his ideas come to fruition in his work to make the United States of America a more perfect Union.  He fought the good fight.  His presence will truly be missed and his legacy will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Rep. John Robert Lewis. 

Remembering John Lewis: An invitation to make ‘good trouble’

Rep. John Lewis has bequeathed to the church a call to make “good trouble” and to stir up the gift that resides in us: faith in God and faith in each other. I pray the followers of Jesus are finally ready to claim our inheritance. Read more… Thank you to Baptist News Global for allowing us to share this article.

Take a walk down memory lane with this clip of Rep. Lewis’s speech at the 2017 New Baptist Covenant Summit.


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American Baptist Home Mission Societies

The staff and board of directors of New Baptist Covenant wish to thankAmerican Baptist Home Mission Societiesand its leadership for their generous support in helping us advance racial justice in and through our Baptist family through creating cross-cultural and multi-racial partnerships.

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