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Task: CBA Mission Center Dream Team was formed to consider a number of possibilities for our mission

center as a place to assist students in the Greater Cleveland area under our effort to provide “Justice

for Children.”

Process: Dream Team Members were given an opportunity to reflect on previous ideas or concepts that

have been tried before at a number of different levels of success. Each Dream Team Member then dreamed of ideas and concepts for the CBA Mission Center. The team discussed a number of items in an effort to clarify, add or perhaps eliminate concepts, ideas or specifics. Finally, the team reviewed the

possibilities and placed them into a category outline for easier review, clarity and implementation.

CBA Mission Center: A cooperative venture of CBA churches not to impact what other churches are doing. The mission center should feed into the local congregations and those congregations feed into the mission center.

CBA Mission Center

A Safe Place

I. Academic Support/Development

A. Arts: Music/Drama/Dance/Martial Arts

B. Technology Development/Opportunities

C. Reading/Mathematics

D. Measurable Academic Achievement

E. Skills Development: Oratorical, Debating

F. Academic Challenges and competitions
II. Character Development/Values Clarification

A. Violence Prevention and Anti-Violence Development

B. Sexual Responsibility

C. Self-concept enhancement

D. Gender Identity (What does it mean

to be a man/woman?)

E. Appreciation for Diversity

F. The meaning of ethics & morality

G. The proper response to bullying

H. Modeling Health Values

I. Rap Sessions (Process)
III. Job Preparation Economics

A. Pre-vocational education

B. Pre-vocational exposure

C. Entrepreneurship Engagement Exposure

D. College Preparation  

E. How to manage money

F. Job preparation and awareness

(both through introducing individuals

and introducing them to various occupations)

G. Internship opportunities among CBA professionals


IV. Counseling/Peer Counseling

A. Workshops/Forums/Programs to enhance value

(diversity/morality/college preparation)

B. Counseling

C. Peer Mediation

D. Anger Management

V. Immediate Personal Needs

A. Food/Snacks

B. Hot Chocolate

C. Back pack

D. Homework Help/Tutoring

E. Caring Adults (who can serve as surrogates, encouragers – men & women)

F. Ask-the-Pastor

G. Bible Tutoring

H. Books

I. Recreation (Chess/Video games)

J. Skilled Professionals (Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors)
VI. Exposure/Community Service

A. Opportunities for community service projects

1. Feeding the hungry

2. Visiting the sick

3. Reaching out to the homeless

4. Visiting nursing homes/orphanages/shelters

5. Cleaning up a neighborhood/school

B. Trips

1. Cavaliers

2. Indians

3. Browns

4. Monsters, etc.

C. Meeting professionals
VII. Parent Engagement

A. Parenting Programming

B. Parental Training

C. Dress for Success

D. Parental Rap Session

E. Monthly Parental Session to introduce Mission Center
VIII. Referral Source for Neighborhood Churches

A. Relationships with Schools as Referral Agents

B. Relationships with CBA Churches as Referral Agents C. Relationships with agencies as Referral Agents

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